Biography - (Prof) Christine Bamford

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Christine Bamford


Founder and CEO of Women’s Coin Christine has been voted top ten global Fintech women leaders and recognised in the Times Crypto-currency supplement as one of 4 Top women in the UK driving crypto-currencies. Women’s Coin is the first global currency of value supporting United Nations SDG on gender equality.

Her passion to foster social inclusion and diversity in Bristol led to the creation of the highly successful Stepping Up Diversity leadership programmes, winner of the PPMA and South West Diversity award. She is Visiting Professor at University of Northampton.

Christine has held a top leadership position in Government as Director - Department of Health and Social Services, Welsh Government. She led a parliamentary bill team, organisational restructuring and improvement of civil service and Hospitals. Delivering 89% increase in Leadership capability and 78% improvement to patient services. As well as Awards from National IT Skills Council, CIPD Talent and Mentoring excellenc.

She has undertaken an International Assignment for the World Health Organisation reporting to the Minister for Health in the United Arab Emirates – receiving a royal audience in recognition of her contribution.

Christine studied Strategic Human Resources at the Executive Business School, Stanford University, California. Harvard School of Public Health, Boston and MPhil International Management Centre. She has produced articles and publications on leadership, mentoring, blockchain and crypto currencies. Christine is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of People Management and Alumni Fellow Ashridge Business School.