Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF)

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Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF)

10% of pre-tax profits from Women's Coin crypto-currency will be donated to the Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) which will deliver education, training and knowledge platform to equip and empower women and girls to reach their potential

Access to learning & training for women and girls

As long as you have a mobile phone you will be able to access web-enabled skill training. Every user will have their own blockchain global education passport . The blockchain education passport (BEP) will authenticate training and learning. Blockchain enables transparency and verification of learning - which in turn provides evidence for investors, employers and a pathway to academic education. Health and wellbeing support

Blockchain technology enables the establishment of digital identities for those without a government passport or identity.

Women's Coin will provide support for women owned business through business training, mentoring, access to investment.

A combination of a digital identity, smart contract and business training will open up lines of credit for 12 + million women businesses that are underserved or unserved by financial institutions. The investment in women businesses will provide a virtual cycle of investment and reinvestment that will improve the lives of women, their families and the community.


12 + million

Womens businesses can benefit from lines of credit that are currently underserved or unserved by financial institutions.

Digital Identity Passports

By working with United Nations Women and World Identity Network.