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Pre-Placement Bonus

Women’s Coin™ has contracted Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) to manage through their secure site the Pre-Sale Investment (pre-Placement) Bonus period. For the Private Placement in Women’s Coin.

For each GBP£1.00 invested – Investors will receive:

1 Seratio (SER) token and

1 Women’s Coin Micro-share.

The SER token is a tradeable Ethereum ERC20 standard digital currency – which has already been taken through Initial Coin Offering which was 100% successful. The SER token will be deposited in a newly created personal digital SER Wallet for the investor within 4 weeks of receipt of cleared funds, The SER token will then be fully tradable or exchangeable by the investor

Women’s Coin micro-share

The Women’s Coin micro-share is a non-financial token with Women’s Coin attributes. Each Women’s Coin micros-share is a tokenised commitment to receive a financial token in the forthcoming Women’s Coin Initial Coin Offering represents a minimum market discount rate of 50%

Digital Currency In YOur Wallet

Women’s Coin Micro-shares is a digital crypto-currency based on Ethereum Classic and are tradeable. Micro-shares will be deposited to the investor’s digital wallet on 30th April 2018, or within 4 weeks of receipt of funds, if investment made is made after 30th April

Minimum Investment GBP £1,000

Experienced Investors

The Women’s Coin Initial Coin Offering is planned to operate within the timeline displayed on the home page

Terms and Conditions are included and downloadable in a pdf

All investors must fall within the definition of “Experienced Investor” – FSA (experienced investor funds) Regulations 2012. It is recommended that all investors do their due diligence

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