Women’s Coin Foundation - Event House of Lords 2018

Women's Coin Foundation curates the conversation 'EXPLORING THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY (Blockchain and cryptocurrency) ON WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT AND SOCIAL CHANGE at the House of Lords (27th February 2018)

Kindly hosted by Baroness Margaret McDonagh

The event has been oversubscribed with guests flying in from USA, Switzerland, Andorra, Europe as well as the UK

The Women's Coin Foundation has one very simple mission and purpose: to empower women through the use of blockchain technology, to support humanitarian efforts.

“In other words” (Professor) Christine Bamford, Founder and CEO explains “our organization is designed to develop, curate and support female-focused opportunities via the creation of a dedicated ecosystem of blockchain services, powered by our dedicated currency of value (Women's Coin)”

With the support of blockchain technology and the Women's Coin Token, we are finally able to create a humanitarian dynamic at the very heart of the female economy (now controlling 70 % of household income - $33 trillion dollars globally). For every purchase using our currency of value, a female-focused initiative will be supported somewhere in the world.

“We are positioning The Women’s Coin Foundation as the architect solution to tomorrow’s world problems by empowering women through education, business startup, digital identity and access to credit. Investing in the empowerment of women provides a virtuous circle of investment and reinvestment in women, their families, and their communities” continues professor Bamford.

50% of profit generated by the Women's Coin Token direct payment and online shopping will directly fund the “Foundation” to deliver humanitarian support.

Christine comments, “We will be offering a gift aid service: crypto-donation, powered by smart-contract technology, which will guarantee funds reach those in need quickly without the need of an intermediary or third-party agency.  Transparency in tracking fund donation gives assurances to Governments and sponsors that funds donated arrive intact to the person or community in need”

With more than 100 international corporations and individuals (banks, telecommunication agencies, law firms, investment groups, universities, and female-focused organizations) attending the conversation at the House of Lords, we look forward to building long-lasting partnerships and creating life-changing opportunities for millions of women, worldwide.

The event will be relayed via our social media platforms, so don't hesitate to connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today!

For more information, please reach us with us via contact@womenscoin.com.

Posted: 2018-02-25 15:38:27
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