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In a blink on an eye, we can build a better world

Building Better World through better connected communities

Volunteering sits at the heart of vibrant communities. The Women's Coin "App" gives recognition to the role volunteers play in supporting communities. An added pay-back is that voluntary hours can be redeemed for goods or services (Free coffee!)

Women\'s Coin

Women's Coin® App

Women's Coin Foundation is set to launch its first currency of value.
Women's Coin Mobile Application will enable the tokenisation of 'volunteering'.
Rewarding and recognising volunteers' worth is the key driver behind the development of the app.
This application also creates a virtuous circle of the investment and re-generation in local economies by inclusivity of business, corporates and statutory organisation.
The value of Women's Coin Token is that it just keeps giving...


Anyone can access the Women's Coin Application and bank voluntary hours to exchange for discounted goods and services...

Women\'s Coin
Women\'s Coin


Businesses and public sector organisations who want to show their commitment to the community can register to advertise they accept Women's Coin...


Organisations who are doing great things in the community can give volunteers Women's Coin...

Women\'s Coin

Building A Better World - Building better lives

Every time you shop using Women's Coin ® a donation is made
Every time you send a charitable donation no intermediary fee is deducted
Undiluted financial support to those in need to live a better life

Building empowerment through Business and Education

Micro-financing for women-owned small businesses.

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Building a Democratic Investment process .. to build a better world

"Regulated Quality ICO" Vault data security, KYC, Investor on Board data, ISO2020 standard, GDPR and Data Protection Worldwide

"There has never been a better time to foster equality and empowerment for girls and women” said Professor Christine “There is a feminine energy and passion to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren – we cannot travel this path without the aid of men who support, collaborate and open doors” she continued “This is collective, connected, consciousness to accelerate humanitarian support through blockchain and women’s purchasing power."

Help us Raise £5 million through
Regulated ICO crowd-funding
Founding Member's Club private investment


Available Globally

No need to have a bank. All you need is access to the internet through any device.


Worldwide payments

Sending Women's Coin across borders is as easy as sending across the street. There are no banks to make you wait.



Women's Coin® transactions - person to business, person to customer and person to those in need.


Safe and secure

Personal data and transactions are secured through military grade encryption.


Available Worldwide with a 4G or Wifi reception


Open to Men and Women


£23 trillion current spending and predicted to increase to £31 trillion by 2018

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Gives access to the 39% of the worlds population without access to a bank account

Womens Coins® HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland

Meet the team

(Prof) Christine Bamford

Founder and CEO

(Prof) Olinga Taeed

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Kelsey Cole

Crypto Ambassador

Dr Jane Lewis

Strategic Director

Tom Davies

Operations Director

Asher Craig

Global Diversity Ambassador

Roselyn Ochola

Africa Director

Bonnie Lawson-Brown

Scottish Ambassador

Jay Pentland

Technical Advisor


Bill Tennant

Payment Centric

Mike Doherty

Payment Centric

Susan Brown

Zotrex Ltd.



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