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Christine is Visiting Professor in Fintech and Leadership - Edinburgh Napier University, Business School

Building A Better World - Building better lives

Through education and empowerment

Women's Coin® vision is to redefine charitable giving through tokens, blockchain, smart contracts and virtual reality
Every time you send a charitable donation no intermediary fee is deducted
Undiluted financial support to those in need to live a better life

A coin for women emerged from a discussion many years ago with HH Sheikaar Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi in her Palace in Abu Dhabi. Presented with a gold coin (Prof) Christine Bamford mused on a coin for women to support education and empowerment. It was in 2017 that the vision became a reality through blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Women's Coin is trading on Counterparty Bitcoin blockchain platform and is migrating to ERC 20 for the Global launch in Abu Dhabi in 2021. Professor Bamford (Founder/CEO) intent is that at the launch to present all UAE Women's Coin in honour of Her Highness lifetime achievements for Women.

Global Launch of Women's Coin Abu Dhabi - 2021

Women's Coin Education® Education Foundation empowering girls and women through education


Diversity and inclusion

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"Women's Coin is all about technology innovation as a mean of "giving back" to improve the lives of women, families and communities"

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Available Worldwide with a 3G or Wifi reception


Open to Men and Women


As of 2019, spending has surpassed $40 trillion

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Gives access to the 1.7 billion of the worlds population without access to a bank account

Womens Coins® HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland

Meet the team

(Prof) Christine Bamford

Founder and CEO

Asher Craig


Kelsey Cole

Crypto Ambassador

Dr Jane Lewis

Global Education Ambassador

Tom Davies

HR Adviser

Olubodunrin Tokosi

Nigerian Project Director

Roselyn Ochola

Africa Director

Bonnie Lawson-Brown

Scottish Ambassador

Jay Pentland

Technical Advisor

Matt Gras

Head of Digital Learning

Khadijah Murchison

Commercial Director


Bill Tennant

Payment Centric

Mike Doherty

Payment Centric

Susan Brown

Zotrex Ltd.


Putting the F in fintech

The Sunday Times explores questions in womens fintech, including our ver own Prof Christine Bamford...

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2020-02-01 15:43:51

Womens Coin


The Scottish Government become signatory )21/22nd September) to UN Principles of Responsible Banking joining a third of the global banking system ($47...

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2019-11-25 13:00:10

Womens Coin

Will the growth in Fintech innovation be the solution to tackling one of society's big issues? Financial exclusion

2 Million without a bank account. Between 10-14 million “near prime” adults have no access to credit, despite minor blemishes on credit history or...

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2019-11-25 12:40:27

Womens Coin


Cryptocurrencies are almost as old as money itself. Indeed, crypto simply means concealed or secret. So the first man (or woman) who tried to exchange...

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2019-10-14 19:06:20

Womens Coin

A word from the founder

How was Women's Coin started? In this video, Professor Christine Bamford shares the story of Women's Coin and how it all started. From a Royal audience in Abu Dhabi to helping underserved women around the world have access to a bank account.

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Fostering Innovation in Blockchain

In partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, Fintech Scotland and Partners

Women's Coin is leading innovation in blockchain to building a platform to redefine charitable giving through tokenisation, cyber security and smart contracts so that every donation can reach point of need without third party intermediary fees

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