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Cryptocurrencies are almost as old as money itself. Indeed, crypto simply means concealed or secret. So the first man (or woman) who tried to exchange some rocks for a sheep could be said to have been using a crypto currency. Up to that point a sheep had been worth 15 chickens. It’s simple, really. You attribute a symbolic sense to something you ...

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Posted: 2019-10-14 19:06:20
Womens Coin


Women’s Coin Foundation leads STEPPING UP Black Asian Minority Ethnic leadership programme. 

Christine Bamford champion of diversity and equality has, on behalf of Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol and Cllr Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor established a diversity leadership programme. 50 Employers across commercial, public, voluntary, and charitable sectors pledged their support to work together to change the diversity of the leadership landscape...

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Posted: 2018-03-02 12:07:27
Womens Coin

Diversity, Equality

Women’s Coin Foundation - Event House of Lords 2018

Women's Coin Foundation curates the conversation exploring the impact of technology (blockchain and cryptocurrency) on women's empowerment and social change at the House of Lords (27th february 2018)...

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Posted: 2018-02-25 15:38:27
Womens Coin

Diversity, Equality, Blockchain, Women Empowerment